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Remember to always keep e-juice away from children nicotine is a poison and can be fatal if ingested.

Our new flavors are in come try them today: PUMPKIN PIE E-JUICE, PUMPKIN PIE CHEESECAKE E-JUICE, SPEARMINT E-JUICE, HOT CINNAMON CANDY E-JUICE and FRENCH TOAST E-JUICE All of our E-juice is made when ordered and if ordered before 3pm will ship same day. Each E-juice can be ordered in any amount of nicotine desired up to 30MG!!

We had a great turn out last weekend at traders village in Houston. We thank everyone for coming out we will be there again this weekend 10am -2pm on Saturday and 10am-4pm on Sunday. We will have all the hardware we have on our site and many juices to choose from. If you can not make it but love our e-juice or hardware order online we ship same day if ordered before 3pm and we use priority mail so you will get your favorite juice in no time. All orders over $25.00 ship free if you have never tried electronic cigarettes now is the time, with over 80 flavors you are sure to find something you will love. We offer nicotine levels starting at 0mg up to 30mg which can help you slowly lower your nicotine levels making quitting much easier. We look forward to seeing you this weekend! www.juice-e-juice.com

We will be out and about
On Saturday August 10th we will be at Traders Village in Houston Texas starting at 10:00am. Our booth will be located at the South front entrance. We will be there to share information about electronic cigarettes and why they are a great way to quit smoking. We will be selling e-juice as well as hardware. Traders Village is located at 7979 N Eldridge pkwy Houston TX 77041. Hope to see you there!!

Quit smoking to help with fertility
The number one thing your doctor will tell you, if you are trying to get pregnant, is to quit smoking. However, as we all know, that is easier said then done. With our electronic cigarettes and e-juice, quitting just got a lot easier! If you smoke, you do it because you like to. Plain and simple. Now, you can still feel like you are smoking without the harmful toxins you get from tobacco products. With Juice-E-Juice you can lower the nicotine you receive in each juice, so you slowly eliminate it all together without feeling deprived. Electronic cigarettes are great because you still have the cigarette feel. You still inhale and you still exhale. However, you do not exhale smoke but a water vapor which is cleaner and does not contain all the toxins of a cigarette, so no one around you is effect either. The juice we make comes in many flavors so you can enjoy chocolate, strawberries even cheesecake while quitting. Becoming a parent is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make, don't let smoking get in the way. Try Juice-E-Juice today and take the first step to a healthier future for you and your family.

We have added many new flavors and we are trying out new ones everyday! Our newest flavors are: New York Cheesecake Strawberries and cream Cherry Chocolate Cheesecake Mixed berry Chocolate raspberry Peanut butter fudge brownie Sugar cookie We will be adding many new products soon which include E-Cigs starter kits and accessories!!

Tired of waiting weeks to get your E-juice? We make our juice the day the order is placed and it will be mailed out that day if ordered before 3pm EST. Orders placed after 3pm will be mailed out the next morning. We do not make any juice in bulk and each juice is tested before shipment to guarantee it is perfect. We are proud to say our juice is 100% made in the USA!!

We now offer nicotine levels that are as high as 30mg to no nicotine. We have lowered each level by 2 mg so quitting just got a little easier. To quit smoking cold turkey is very hard and almost impossible but with a slight change in nicotine each week can make it possible. 2 mg is hardly noticeable but over time losing that 2mg adds up. Juice-e-juice wanted to add this option to give anyone the chance to try a new way to quit without feeling deprived. So forget the mood swings, the cravings and the headaches and try a simple easy way to slowly quit and still enjoy all the great flavors we have to offer.

Juice-e-Juice now has a whiskey flavor. A great flavor without the alcohol so it can be enjoyed anytime of day. The vapors are great the smell is not overpowering and the flavor is smooth yet gives the throat hit we all love. We will be adding a rum and coconut rum this week. Many more drink flavors are coming soon so keep a look out for your favorite drink to smoke!

We have our first video check it out:

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  As I stated in my last post smoking is harmful and very unhealthy. Then, I realize there is another area in which electronic cigarettes can help with unhealthy life styles.  Obesity is one of the biggest problems facing Americans.  Everyone, including me, has that sweet tooth that craves something unhealthy.  Just one slice of cheesecake, just one cookie or just a piece of brownie. Sadly, too many of us have more.

With E juice you can have your cake and smoke it too.  A craving is hard to ignore no matter what is may be for. Well, instead of that slice of cheesecake, try some cheesecake E-juice.  You get the flavor yet not the calories and with E-juice, for those who do not smoke, you can get it without nicotine so its a healthy alternative. 

  After a great meal most smokers crave that cigarette to finish off the meal right? Just like most people want a desert after their meal. Now, you can have your smoke without tobacco and harmful toxins and have your desert as well.  With no calories no fat and no guilt.  With Juice-E-Juice, we have many sweet choices for the E-juice lover, that can satisfy even the most stubborn sweet tooth.  Cutting back on sweets is hard and now you don't have to give it up, just try it a new way.  No fad diet to make you hungry and weak, no counting calories, and with E-cigarettes you can enjoy them in public places without hurting anyone including yourself.  Give us a try today you will not be disappointed.  https://www.juice-e-juice.com

Juice-E-Juice was started to help family and friends quit smoking.  After doing our research, reading all of the statistic of smoking and the benefits of electronic cigarettes it seemed like a smart decision to make.  Tobacco smoke is bad everyone knows that, but many people have no idea why or just how bad.  Becoming a parent made it more important then ever.

Statistic show that over 900 infants a year die from second hand smoke and this includes children who did not live in a home where smoking was done indoors.  Second hand smoke has been found to be more deadly then just smoking alone.  There have been many toxic chemicals found in second hand smoke that you do not get from just smoking. 

After seeing theses numbers we tried electronic cigarettes and found they are very enjoyable and can have flavors that range from any food or drink you can think of.  We bought a few flavors, thought we should try and make our own.  It turned out to be a lot of fun and we could make it however we wanted.  Mixing different flavors to come up with brand new ones.

My personal favorite is Bahama mama.  Sweet strawberry, pineapple and coconut make it a sweet, yet not too sweet, favor that I can enjoy anytime of day.  My favorite part is that there is no smoke, only vapor.  I do not smell bad, my fingers do not stink and no one around me will be hurt.  I have been told I went "green"  and its funny but true.

Our company has grown and not only are we helping people be more healthy we are helping everyone around them as well.  We finally have our website up and running and adding new flavors all the time.  Come try us out you will not be disappointed. We are a secure site and we make nothing a head of time. https://ww.juice-e-juice.com